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Since 2005 stiletto girl high heels has been the No 1 place on the net to enjoy lovely ladies wearing classic pumps and classic style high heels. That beautiful taper of the thin heel, the high arch, the thin sole and dainty feminine fronts combine to render the classsic style high heel as the most feminine expression of a lady's heel. Sexually beautiful, erotic and tempting the classic lines of the beautiful shoe evoke an eroticism far beyond all telling

stiletto girl has the largest collection of classic pumps and classic style high heels on the net, a haven for your ladies shoe fetish, join now and worship al lovely high heeled lady today !

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her lovely high heel, her sexy leg, so tempting

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enjoy the leggy view of her high heel shoes

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"her heel, her high heel, so shapes her lovely leg "

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the tap of their high heels, the swish of their nylons

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As you get the feeling every time you are looking at a pretty lady wearing her lovely high heel shoe, it is also the case that the pretty loady enjoys having her feet ensconced in a high heel shoe too. It is the shape of her shoe that does it. The more dainty looking the shoe and the narrower it is the more it shapes her foot and the gorgeous lady enjoys it immensely, her foot being put into the shape of the shoe. The higher it goes at the back and the lower at the front in every respect, the cut, the thin sole, the greater and more enjoyable her feeling. When therefore you see a lovely lady in heels that instantly do it for you, think that her heels are doing it for her also. The high heel feeling is shared between the stiletto heeled lady and her admirer, mutual and most enjoyable.

Loving her look in high heel

Every time you see a nice lady in heels that are attractive to you you feel good, so very good. your brain engaged and you look longingly at her stylish shoe. Your feelings cause you to be attracted by the lady's high heel. You woner and keep wondering how she is able to constantly wear such lovely and attractive heels, why does she wear them, is it as a tease for people like you ? Perhaps you need to join a site where you can enjoy women in heels every day, high heeled women who will bring much needed relief to your ladies stiletto shoe fetish. Remember that there are lots of guys out there who feel exactly as you do about ladies heels and who are enjoying their fetish at this very moment. Follow the links on this page and enter that fantasy world where all ladies werar high heels.

Not sure what to do about your ladies shoe love

how over the years you have allowed yourself to become obsessed with ladies shoes, ladies fancy shoes, ladies high heel shoes, ladies stiletto shoes. You can't stop yourself thinking about them, the loveliness of the heels, the beauty of their loveliness. Every time you see a nice attractive looking lady you check out her shoes first to see if they are pretty to you. And then, you see a lady who wears nice high heels. Heels that are just so attractive you can't resist can you ? You just have to watch her, the look, her shoes are so very pretty that you can't take your eyes off her high heels until your feelings and your are fully satisfied. Maybe there's a favourite lady of yours who wears high heels, a lady who every time you see her, she does things for you because her shoes are so lovely. Well if you feel like this then why not join one of our sites and be seduced by lovely ladies who wear the most beautiful shoes in the world.

Getting high on ladies heels

Most men love the sight of a woman in heels. As we have said elsewhere on this site high heels provide the most perfect enhancement of the female body. A lovely lady becomes even lovelier when she wears high heels. Her posture becomes erect, her bust thrust forward with her buttocks thrust outwards. In a court shoe or pump her legs appear much longer. Her calves also are stiffened and shaped by the high heel. A she walks, her hips sway from side to side in a provocative and exaggerated motion that is so very attractive.

This site draws much inspiration from those pleasant times when high heels are in fashion, worn every day by pretty ladies and girls. Times when a lady wore high heels to work, stayed in them all day, went out to lunch walking in high heels and home again wearing high heels. And of course she would also wear heels to go out, sometimes the heel to go out in may be a little lower than her daytime heel and her evening out shoe may have a little more in the way of decoration but the important thing is that she wears heels, high heels and this is what all gentlemen want to see - so join us at this site to enjoy those sights which you know you need to see constantly.

When a man finds that he has a true and genuine feelings for ladies in high heels, he always looks at high heeled women seeing how high their heel is.. He will always have found girls and ladies shoe attractive and of course the higher the heel and the more dainty and sexy the look, the greater his attraction. Pretty and sexy ladies shoes will always arouse mens feelings. There are many places now where a guy can enjoy the look of a lady in heels but the difference here at stilettoigirl is that we understand that fetish is about women actually wearing high heels and not just posing on a sofa. The sight, the sound and the sensation of a woman in her high heels, her hips swaying from side to side, the swish of her nylons, her legs shaped as she balances on her thin stiletto is a most glorious sight in the eyes and mind of a ladies shoe fetishist. Enjoy our videos of women walking to work, walking along the pavement, in the park along the street in our exclusive video collection. If you love high heel court shoes, stiletto heel pumps or simply just love the look, then stiletto girl is for you.

Your fetish for ladies heels makes you feel good. It is an attraction which has no parallel and defies all logic. The buildup, the excitement at the sight and the sound of her heel. It does so much for you. Then there is the need to see more and look constantly at her beautiful shoe so attractive, so pretty. There is no simple, rational or straightforward explanation of what a woman's heel can do for some men. The sight of a woman's high heel so attractive, so tempting just seems to remove a man's will to resist and then nature just has to take it's course. we need say no more about that. You just need to join us at stiletto girl high heels now and enjoy your ladies shoe feelings as it is lifted to new heights of ladies shoe pleasure.

You know how it is, you've just seen a gorgeous lady in high heels and suddenly your blood is up and you feel it because of her heels. Her high stiletto causes you to become excited by the rhythm of her sexy stride until you become fixated in your admiration. There can be no doubt about it, you have a shoe fetish. How is it that other men are not affected by ladies shoes like you are ? the reason is that they don't have thye same feelings but you do and that is why you are here with our lovely ladies at this site. Stiletto Girl high heels brings you different girls each week not wearing the same shoes because we present what is now the largest array of stylish, sexy looking high heel shoes on the net.

A world of beautiful shoes

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high heel bow shoes .
stilettogirl high heels
sexy legs in high heels.
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beautiful stylish high stiletto.

Every man who looks at ladies shoes will know as it were by instinct that some high heels have much more sex appeal than others, some with huge heels have none at all, why is this ? There are two things. The first is taste or fancy, some men like open arch shoes for instance while others don't fi9nd them at all attractive. This is fancy, pure and simple, like loving one lady and not another.

The other is about how the shoe looks, for to be sexy enough to turn a man's head it needs to be dainty and excessively feminine. So no thick soles, no uppers climbing on to the bridge of the foot but rather stylish and dainty. This is why a high stiletto heel is so feminine and turns men on because it is about the only item of apparrel that has always been female. Almost everything else has at some time managed to cross the gender divide but not the stiletto, the high stiletto. This is what makes men so exccited when they see a nice looking lady wearing them, it feels like having a fancy for the lady herself.

A stilettogirl is one who gives up a little of her comfort for the sake of putting her feet into a shoe that enhances her sexual appeal. This is why high heels worn in the day time are far more sexy than heels for that evening out. The pleasure of a lady who wears high heels and enjoys them for their own sake.

Our lovely ladies always wear sexy shoes . . . the look . . . the heels . . . your shoe love !

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