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sexy stiletto shoe dangling
Jane 24th January

Jane has what used to be regarded as 'stiletto legs'. Meaning that her legs are so perfect in shape and sexual that when in a pair of high heel shoes her leg is as it were having sexual intercourse with the lovely thin heel and this so sets off the mans fetish that it rises and succumbs so quickly in his lust

Joanne 22nd January

Joanne knows a thing or two about shoes and also about fetish, for it is when the two come together in a young man's mind and in his body, that the urge, the lust and the desire take over. Then the lady becomes merely an accessory, there only to wear the shoes but if, like Jo she is pretty, it doubles the pleasure . .

Jenna 15th January

In her short tight dresses Jenna knows how to attract a man's attention, but most of all it is her shoes for she always wears a very high heel. Arching her foot constantly over such high heels and tottering around in them all day every day means that she no longer is able to wear shoes without a high heel.

sexy legs high heels


24th January 2020
Video 1404 : 8m 26s

 lady wears high heels


22nd January 2020
Video 1403 : 6m 49s

stilettogirl high heels


15th January 2020
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 erotic shoe fetish


11th January 2020
Video 1402 : 8m 25s

stiletto girl shoe fetish


8th January 2020
Video 1401 : 9m 47s

lovely lady wears white high heels


31st December 2019
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stiletto heel ladies

Monica and Sophia

24th December 2019
Video 1400 : 6m 06s

stilettogirl high heels


20th December 2019
Video 1399 : 8m 11s

elegant lady wears spike heel shoes


17th December 2019
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stiletto shoe fetish


14th December 2019
Video 1398 : 8m 08s

lady in heels


9th December 2019
Video 1397 : 6m 50s

attractive girl in heels


6th December 2019
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 erotic shoe fetish


4th December 2019
Video 1396 : 8m 43s

Miss Maria Heel


29th November 2019
Video 1395 : 8m 28s

attractive high heeled woman


26th November 2019
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 lady wears high heels


22nd November 2019
Video 1394 : 7m 56s

stiletto shoe girl Naomi


16th November 2019
Video 1393 : 7m 23s

ladies shoe fetish


8th November 2019
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sexy high heels


6th November 2019
Video 1392 : 7m 46s

stiletto shoe dangling


30th October 2019
Video 1391 : 7m 51s

high heel with lace top stocking


25th October 2019
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 stiletto girl tight skirt


23rd October 2019
Video 1390 : 6m 57s

high heel stiletto girl


17th October 2019
Video 1389 : 8m 35s

attractive girl in heels


10th October 2019
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stiletto shoe girl


9th October 2019
Video 1388 : 5m 40s

walking in  high heels


3rd October 2019
Video 1387 : 6m 58s

attractive girl in heels


28th September 2019
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stiletto girl high heels


25th September 2019
Video 1386 : 7m 51s

ladies shoe fetish


18th September 2019
Video 1385 : 8m 15s

lovely Italian high heel


12th September 2019
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stiletto girl high heels


10th September 2019
Video 1384 : 8m 34s

high heel girl


7th September 2019
Video 1383 : 6m 51s

fancy shoes fetish


30th August 2019
Gallery 1250 : 64 images

stiletto girl

Sarah Jane

28th August 2019
Video 1382 : 7m 49s

pretty lady in heels


22nd August 2019
Video 1381 : 8m 17s

attractive girl in heels


17th August 2019
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14th August 2019
Video 1380 : 7m 46s

gorgeous lady in high heels


8th August 2019
Video 1379 : 7m 29s

pretty stilettogirl


2nd August 2019
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sexy high heel lady


31st July 2019
Video 1378 : 8m 16s

leggy high heel stilettogirl


24th July 2019
Video 1377 : 9m 23s

attractive girl shows her heel


20th July 2019
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stiletto girl high heels


16th July 2019
Video 1376 : 7m 55s


10th July 2019
Video 1375 : 7m 57s

Video No 1353

Enjoy stilettogirl Jenna in her gorgeous 5 inch heel fetish shoes, giving fulness and shape to her sexy leg

You know that you've always had that 'thing' about ladies heels, when you see a high heeled lady you just have to look . . at her shoes and her legs . . so much temptataion . . . but the best way to deal with temptation is to give in to it ! Click each picture card to see a close up of the lady's legs and her shoes for this is what we are all about and then JOIN for that ultimate experience with a high heeled lady.

Video No 1346

Olga is on her lunch break and takes her time so that you can get close to her gorgeous high stiletto for your shoe loving

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Our Members enjoy several hundred instantly streaming videos and picture galleries of high heeled ladies. Come close to her heel as it kisses the ground with a sexy stilettic clack

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Video 1343 with Penny

You really will have to do something about that fetish of yours, so come, help Jackie admire her gorgeous high heel shoes . . you might enjoy it !

WARNING This site is intended for those who already know that they have an erotic fetish for ladies high heels

Stiletto Girl Jackie shoe fetish news
Video 1350 with Joleen

Video No 1350

Come, come, Jo loves her feet in high heels enjoy the feeling with her!

Card image

Ladies in heels make you go weak at the knees don't they and that's why you're here isn't it ? You've just seen that gorgeous pretty lady who always dresses so nicely and your eye as ever is drawn to her lovey shiny black high 4 inch stiletto. The sight of it fills you with emotion, your heart races and your breathing is short . . .

Stiletto Girl Jane shoe fetish news
Card image cap

High Heels, especially worn heels do things for you don't they, it's your fetish, you can't help it . . . JOIN TODAY !

Jackie's shoes after a day in the office

Video 1341

Stiletto Girl Ania loves the feeling of her feet in high heels and loves a nice kind gentleman who will enjoy them with her

Card image cap
Hard Times

Hey ! control that fetish, You know what will happen if you don't !

Illustration taken from set 927

Your Shoe Fetish

You know how it is, a pretty lady walks into the room and you have to check out her shoes first, you've alwways been like this, you just can't help it, ikt's your fetish and you need to do something about it

stiletto girl Jane - shoe fetish news

Video 1352

Sara's shoes are so very high, she is so very pretty and she walks so sexually clacking her high heel to the pulse of your shoe fetish

Video 677

Nica and close, as you come to stilettogirl Jenna's sexy leg to worship her lovely high heel shoe'

Video No 622

I know you have a shoe fetish, so come, walk with me, admire my lovely legs as I drive my stiletto through your heart'

Pure shoe love

You see that lovely pretty lady walking along ahead of you and somehow her heels her legs just do it for you the urge the temptation it's so HARD to resist or to look away she has made your fetish go on the rise and you need it. her high heel, it's doing it for you all over again, the feeling . . . it just takes over every time

- from shoe fetish news

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Fancy Shoes

Naughty Naughty, you must try HARDER to control that fetish !

stylish elegant high heel shoes

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Only Looking

That sexy high heel feeling the stilettogirl urge you get because ladies heels are so tempting . . give in to it you need it badly

Kathryn's lovely stiletto heel shoes

Deepen your ladies shoe fetish, enjoy, worship and love a different pair of high heels every day

stiletto Girl Jessica from the heel fetishist

Your shoe fetish is wrapped up in your sexuality feed it, nurture it and satisfy it with the heels that you love so much

stiletto Girl Monica from shoe fetish news
Video No 780 with Hannah

Sexy stilettogirl Hannah wears a short tight skirt nd high heels every day, the guys at work just can't help looking but for those who have a shoe fetish it is more than just the look !

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Lovely High Heel Shoes

Classic spike heels, slim heels, modern heels . . . Do you dream of high heels every night ? . . . What are you going to do about your fetish ?   JOIN NOW

lovely 5 inch spike heel patent leather shoes

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you notice that attractive high heeled lady, her lovely thin stiletto kisses the ground with a delicate tap with every step that she takes, her shoes so highly erotic and sexual, it makes you feel it, and not just your pulse . . . JOIN our world of high heeled ladies TODAY and let your fetish do the rest !

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