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set 1169 'with stocking' with  Imelda

23rd June

72 images

Some men are especially affected in their fetish if they notice a nice lady looking down at her high heel shoes and admiring them.  Maybe this is because of their own personal and secret admiring of heels and that the merest sight of them so fills the man with  lust that he quickly loses control.  The love of ladies heels is a pure and intense form of loving and if you feel it you know what it does to you over and over again.

Video No 1256  'turning heads' with  Tracy

21st June

8m 32s

Tracy is always in heels and her love of the thin high fetish heel that she wears here is shown in the way she looks at you. Also you will notice her legs, gorgeous and shapely, like all the girls on this site.  If  you are a true fetishist and lover of ladies heels you will fancy Tracy and her high heels, just a look will do things for you. Come with her as she takes her time giving you every inch of that lovely heel and every sexy tap causing your ladies shoe fetish to become ever deeper and more meaningful.

set 1168 '5 inch love' with  Alison

16th June

70 images

If you are visiting here for the first time and you have found us because you know that you have this 'thing'  about ladies shoes, ladies high heel shoes then you have come to the right place. Here our ladies are all very pretty, coming from all walks of life but they have two things in common, that 'look' and of course, they all love and adore wearing high heels. So why not say yes to that feeling, that inner temptation and let our lovely ladies feed your fetish for ladies shoes, ladies high heel shoes.

Video No 1255  'Spike Heel Fetish' with  Penny

8th June

7m 21s

Being able to worship, admire and adore the heels worn by an attractive lady is at the heart of every fetishist's shoe love. In fact his fetish defines his sexuality. Every part of her shoe has a sexual attraction for him and he looks lovingly at her shoe, especially her high heel, giving it his most intense and his most intimate feelings of love. Here our stiletto girl Penny, who is always in heels, every moment of her day wears one of her loveliest pairs, pointed and with a gorgeously tapered heel, with love for your fetish.

set 1167 'the beauty of her shoe' with  Jenna

7th June

74 images

You know what happens when you see a lady in a lovely pair of high heel shoes. It arouses your fetish, your sexy fetish as her shoes make you go weak at the knees, filling you with love, that sexy fetish love that draws you ever closer to her lovely shoe. As her heel causes you to weaken even more you find yourself giving in to the temptation all over again as your ladies shoe fetish is intensified at her shoe.

Video No 1254  'Hard at Heel' with  Sophia and Janie

3rd June

8m 28s

Your  ladies shoe fetish is meant to be enjoyed. It is for your pleasure, for your extreme sensation, that climactic paroxysm of emotional feeling that expresses itself in your glorious attraction for ladies shoes. Your adoration of the style. Your admiration and wonder at the height of their lovely thin heels and that ultimate feeling of love which deepens at every tap of the heel, every pulse of your passion.

set 1166 'loving her shoes' with  Ailsa

30th May

71 images

If you are a lover of ladies shoes you find yourself thinking about ladies heels several times each day. Of course your thoughts and feelings are erotic and sometimes you may have dreams of a stimulating nature. All of this is feeding your fetish so that when you are with a nice lady who wears high stiletto heels your pent up thoughts and feelings turn quickly into a white hot flowing passion.

Video No 1253  'closer to her heel' with  Maria

19th May

7m 29s

After enjoying Cristina's high heel and loving the style of her shoes Maria brings you a change. Her style is classic stiletto court  pointed and with that curvy back and tapering of the high heel  that has been so arousing for fetishists. Both the modern and traditional shoes are gorgeous and as a ladies shoe lover you will know how best to appreciate them because of the sexuality of your fetish.

set 1165 'cleavage and heel' with  Emma

17th May

74 images

The shoe fetish within you is kindled and springs to life every time you are aware of a high heeled lady nearby. Sometimes it affects you by giving those faint stirrings of desire as you hear the sound or see the distant glimmer of a shiny slim patent heel.  At other times however it is the full on urge, the heart stopping desire for her heels, the temptation, it just gets the better of you.

Video No 1252  'High and sexual' with  Cristina

13th May

6m 58s

Here Cristina is doing what all pretty ladies do and that is to wear high heels. As a man with a shoe fetish however her heels are beautiful to you and tempting also. You appreciate their sexual beauty not just with your eyes because high heels do things for you don't they ? And you know that you have a ladies shoe fetish because you feel it don't you ? So why not spend a little time in getting to know the lovely ladies at this site because they are all pretty and they all wear high heels.

set 1164 'girl next door' with  Sarah

11th May

72 images

Men always notice what a nice lady wears and if she is really pretty it is expected that she will wear high heels. Not just for evenings out and for special occasions but all day every day which is how it should be. Here, you will see how Sarah's good looks are perfectly complimented by her high 5 inch spike heel shoes. With girls like her your shoe fetish remains not just as fantasy but becomes real.

Video No 1251  'at the clack of her heel' with  Sara

6th May

7m 28s

At the clack of her heel Sara invites you to join her in your shoe fetish for a stimulating experience looking at her legs and high heel shoes. As an accomplished mistress of temptation she wears a revealing short skirt with her high 4 1/2 inch heel black patent shoes. As you enjoy it with her your shoe fetish will be deepened. This experience with Sara will alter your sexuality so that your desires will be only for sexy high heel shoes and nice leggy ladies.

set 1163 'lovely thin heel' with  Lauryn

5th May

78 images

Lauryn has the most perfect sexual legs with the most appealing shape for wearing thin high stiletto heel shoes. A number of our members have confessed about  the feelings that she aroused in them when they watched her most recent video, so here is another chance to spend time in her company.  She knows what things  it is doing for you in your shoe fetish as you admire her leg and her lovely thin heel.

Video No 1250  'stiletto legs' with  Jocelyn

27th April

7m 24s

One of our regular members has said recently that for him to derive the most pleasure form a high heeled lady she must have nice legs. This is because the thinner her heel and the higher it is the shapelier the leg that is needed to accompany it. This is well known because men with a ladies shoe fetish usually have a 'thing' about ladies legs as well. Like all the ladies on this site Jocelyn has lovely legs which will focus your attention and your thoughts on her beautiful heels.

set 1162 'all about the heel' with  Jenny

25th April

75 images

Spring is a time for the renewing of your fetishists love for ladies heels. A time when in the warmer sunshine the nice pretty ladies wear skirts and high heels so that you may enjoy the view. Here, Jenny wears a simply gorgeous pair of shoes with ample toe cleavage and that sexy thin high tapered heel so adored by men who love ladies shoes. Come, come to Jenny as your ladies shoe fetish springs to life once again.

Video No 1249  'her heel' with  Sonia

21st April

7m 34s

Like many of the lovely ladies at this site, Sonia is not a professional model, rather she is the attractive lady next door who has nice legs and feels the need to wear high heels. She is always in heels and constantly needs to feel her feet arched over a high heel of at least four inches. Inevitably, men are always attracted to her. Especially so the shoe fetishists who find her heels so tempting as she makes them give in to their feelings over and over again.

set 1161 'feed that fetish' with  Kylie

20th April

77 images

A ladies shoe fetish is a controlling sexual desire that makes you react every time you see a pretty lady in heels that have an erotic appeal to you. It makes you want more and the closer you get to her heels the stronger your desire. You can't help it and in giving way to the temptation you are feeding your fetish, deepening your sexual love for ladies heels. Here, Kylie wearing her loveliest white high heels urges you to worship and  lovingly adore them for her

Video No 1248  'pleasures' with  Iona and Jenna

13th April

8m 11s

In the passion of his ladies high heel shoe fetish the gentleman experiences the combined pleasures of two leggy ladies both in their high heels. The sight and the sound of their legs and heels together causes his passion to rise. Then in a climax of sensation his fetish is fulfilled, leaving him glowing with ever deepening love for ladies heels. This could be you, so why not give way to your  temptation and join our lovely ladies today ?

set 1160  Magdalena

12th April

70 images

Magdalena is a very pretty lady who always wears  a good high heel to match her looks.  High heels are essential she says for every lady who knows that men fancy her.  Deepen your fetish with her as you admire this pair  and her fancy lace top stocking.  In lovely soft patent leather, her shoes have that classic tight point so loved of fetishists and of course a lovely slim tapered  high heel. Enjoy her !

Video No 1247  'Shoe Worship' with  Donna

7th April

8m 11s

The tap of her heel, so sexual, says 'come' come at my stiletto and relieve, pamper and fulfil your ladies shoe fetish. This shoe with Donna starts with a study of the sexual effect of high heel shoes. Then, with your fetish highly aroused our camera pans away to reveal the fullness and shape of her lovely legs encased in delicate seamed hose.  With repeated taps of her high heel Donna finally makes your fetish shoe love give way in the most intense feeling

set 1159  Shelley with Jackie

5th April

70 images

Does it excite you when you see two ladies in high heels ? Somehow the look and the way the heel makes the ladies walk does things for you doesn't it ? You don't know how it all started for you but high heels just seem to get things going down there don't they ? Here the ladies have a fondness for the traditional tapered and pointed high heel so why not indulge your ladies shoe fetish and feel it grow ?

Video No 1246  'Sound and Sensation' with  Miranda

31st March

7m 15s

Miranda always taps her high heels wherever she goes but here it seems that she does it specially for you and in  perfect harmony with the pulses of your ladies shoe fetish. It comes to life once again as the sound of her stiletto is heard on hard stone.  Her lovely pointed high heels remind you of an era when sexy girls wore shoes like this all the time causing men to have a ladies shoe fetish and grow to love the sight, sound and sensation of a lovely thin heel.

set 1158  Caz

29th March

74 images

Stiletto Girl High Heels  has been crafted exclusively for men who have a fetish for ladies shoes and especially the heels. Also, as every shoe fetishist knows, ladies who wear high heels  have nice legs, so here you can enjoy them time and time again. In our picture galleries the fetish is warmed up, titillated and brought up to boiling point while our video shows will complete your fetish in the pure pleasure which only comes at the tap of  the lady's high stiletto

Video No 1245  'Clack and Swish' with  Cheryl

21st March

6m 30s

Guys with a ladies shoe fetish often have no idea how they came to love ladies heels. They know however that ladies in shoes which are erotic to them give them such a lovely feeling that they need it more and more. This is especially so when looking at the shoe is accompanied by hearing the clack of the lady's high stiletto. Here as you walk with Cheryl the clack of her lovely heel and the swish of her nylons will renew your fetish and  do it for you again and again.

set 1157  Sophia

15th March

77 images

Learning how to live with a ladies shoe fetish is a very special experience for a young man, particularly so for those who have a highly charged sexuality. All will remember those occasions when a lady in heels causes an eruption of the shoe fetish, raising the pressure and causing the flesh to become hardened. there will be nothing that the young man can do except to let nature take its course, a course which inevitably desires the fulfilment of the shoe fetish.

Video No 1244  'Tottering' with  Larissa

13th March

8m 58s

Larissa's gorgeous high heel shoes are so beautiful and with their low cut toe cleavage points and full 6 inch high fetish heel they bring once again a pulse of feeling and sensation to every man in his ladies shoe fetish.  And yet her tottering in them will release your pent up emotion and desire. Her heels urge you on with that sexual cock cock cock sound that does it for you again and again as they kiss the ground.  Enjoy her, you know you need it !

set 1156  Penny

10th March

75 images

If you are taking more than a second glance at this page you will already know that you have  a fetish for ladies In heels. You will know what it does to you, the pulsing, the feeling that unstoppable urge, like a flood of sexual and erotic emotion released at a woman's high heel shoe. In this set Penny offers for your intimate worship her lovely pair of traditional high heels, thin pointed, tapered and spiky.

Video No 1243  'Crossing the Road' with  Naomi

4th March

7m 37s

Naomi works as a PA in a large organisation and of course  wears high heels and a tight skirt  every day. She says that her stiletto needs to be at least 4 inches high.  She really loves her shoes and in this video you will notice her looking at them often. Of course guys like you keep looking at ladies heels, thinking about them and wanting to get ever closer to them  and all because you have such a fetish for ladies high heel shoes,  they turn you on don't they ?

set 1155  Cristina

1st March

84 images

If you enjoy a ladies shoe fetish you will  have had those deep and intense feelings whenever you are lucky enough to get close to a high heeled lady and to be so close that you could kiss and fondle her lovely heel. First, your awakening, then follow your lovely  pulses of feeling and that deepening urge. All this happens to you while the lovely lady has no idea that a guy with a ladies shoe fetish fancies her shoes and is about to have an . . . . . . !

Video No 1242 'High Heel' with Keri

24th February

5m 34s

Ladies who wear high heels every day are  so much prettier than those who don't.  This is because the high heel does so much for her posture, her figure and her legs making her take much greater care over her appearance. You love it when the ladies wear high heels because the heels attract you as well as being an outward sign of a sexual nature. The higher her heel and the more stylish her shoe, the more  sexy the lady.

set 1154  Kathryn

21st February

74 images

If you are a guy who is turned on by the look and the sex appeal of a lovely lady's high heel shoes you will always look at a lady to see what shoes she is wearing because the erotic ones are so lovely to you.  Some guys are aroused only by the very highest heels, most however just love the look of a gorgeous shoe.  Here Kathryn, one of our loveliest girls wears a beautiful shapely heel to stimulate you in your ladies shoe fetish

Video No 1241 'Well heeled and lovely' with  Lauryn

16th February

7m 0s

A guy knows if he has  a ladies shoe fetish because he  get's a lovely  uplift when he sees a lady in heels.  In this video we stay close to Lauryn's lovely high heel so that you can look at it, nearly touch it, appreciate it and worship it. Feeding you fetish and getting the  sensation. Her shoes are so gorgeous that you will need them again and again as your feelings  harden into pure fetish lust   Warning  XXX   high heel  shoe erotica

set 1153  Maria

13th February

77 images

As a man with a ladies shoe fetish you will always expect that a pretty lady will wear high heels. As you look at her shoes you will feel it if they are erotic to you. And if you are honest about it if by looking at her high heel shoe and admiring it you find that things are happening then this is because you fancy her shoes.  You keep looking as the feeling just grows and grows . . . . your lovely sexy ladies shoe fetish

Video No 1240 'high  thin and tempting' with  Iona

8th February

8m 03s

Iona has been on this site for many years and  and has said that if she were male she too would have a ladies shoe fetish  because high heel shoes are so very lovely. This is why she is always looking at her shoes, just like you do. Especially while she takes her foot delicately in and out, in and out. The clack of the thin heel doing it for you as your ladies shoe fetish comes throbbing off  on the boil.

set 1152  Sofia

3rd February

70 images

Every man who has a ladies shoe fetish  is  tempted not just by the loveliness of a high heeled lady but extremely so by the prettiness and femininity of her high heels.  This is because the sight of her lovely shoe does for him what her naked body does for an ordinary man.  So the next time that you feel it coming on at a lady's high heel just think 'my ladies shoe fetish' and say it.

Video No 1239 'slow sensual and sexual' with  Monica

1st February

6m 58s

Enjoy the rhythm of Monica's high heeled walk, so sexual,  stimulating and sensuous to all men who have a ladies shoe fetish. Before she walks for you however Monica lets you spend time just  looking at her shoes, admiring the style and the height of her heels. When finally she walks away, your feelings will be brought to completion by her sexy rhythm.

set 1150  Emma

27th January

77 images

If you enjoy a shoe fetish you need to be seeing ladies in heels every day and even if every lady you saw was attractive an in heels this still would not be enough for your fetish because every time you look at a lady's high heel  the heel does it for you and causes you to be filled with a desire for yet more heels. Ladies heels are so beautiful aren't they ?

Video No 1238 ' look at that heel' Alison and Jenny

26th January

5m 59s

Alison and Jenny spend time together in their gorgeous high heel shoes. This allows our camera girl to come in close so that you can appreciate the style of their shoes and worship the lovely thin heels. As your ladies shoe fetish responds with loving and feeling the clack of the stiletto and swish of their nylons raises your pressure and stimulates your personal shoegasm.

set 1149  Melinda

20th January

62 images

There are so many times when you see a gorgeous high heeled lady and her shoes so do it for you that  you can't control the urge. The desire to  possess her shoes, to be inside her shoes takes hold of you because it is the very essence of your ladies shoe fetish. In these pictures, Melinda, always erotic, always sexual tempts you to come, come to her glorious 5 inch stiletto

Video No 1237 'sheer temptation' with Kylie

17th January

5m 59s

Kylie points all 5 inches of her lovely heel straight into your heart and there it rests, firm and erect like a phallus as it makes your sexy shoe fetish come to life all over again. Whether you enjoy a sandal fetish or just love ladies heels you will love Kylie for what her high heel does for her body, her posture and her walk because her high heel is such a potent symbol of your fetish

set 1148  Donna

11th January

74 images

Donna has been wowing her many fans at this site since her first appearance in 2006.  She loves wearing high heels and the feeling of her feet so tightly ensconced in her shoes. she is especially aware of the height of  the heel and the uplift that it gives to her foot. And of course, it gives you an uplift too just by looking at her in them.

Video No 1236 'shoe erotic' with Debra

10th January

7m 59s

Most guys at this site fancy Debra so it's lovely to welcome her back after an absence of many months.  In this movie she wears vintage  La Belle court shoes from 1985 just as they were worn back then with lots of clacks and scrapes from the thin tapered high stiletto.  May she flood your senses with temptation and stir up your fetish all over again !

set 1147  Naomi

6th January

77 images

Having a ladies shoe fetish comes in three stages. Firstly if a pretty girl walks into the room  you have to check out her shoes first. Secondly if they are erotic to you, you are turned on by them and  thirdly , they give you the urge, that lovely feeling.  High Heeled Naomi does not disappoint, and here as always, she gives men an uplift every time they see her !

Video No 1235 Jenna with Iona

30th December

5m 56s

Your ladies shoe fetish makes you fancy a lady's leg and her high heel shoe as well.  Her shoe is so beautiful, so erotic to you that your passion rises, your pressure rises, until your juices run hot, white hot.  Will it be Iona's modern slim heeled patent shoe or Jenna's classic tapered heel that does it for you ? Just one more clack on that hard stone will make you  * * *  hard !     X  X  X

set 1146  Imelda

29th December

69 images

You are a secret lover of ladies shoes, that's why you're here isn't it ? Somehow it turns you on so sexually when you see a lovely lady wearing high heels. You can't explain why they are so erotic to you but the feeling they give you makes you want it more and more. So why not give in to the temptation just one more time and feel it at Imelda's lovely  thin heel

Video No 1234 Penny

23rd December

7m 45s

This is Penny's first video which she gives with all her love. Her shoes are classic heels from the 1980s and she wears them with grace and elegance. As you regard her beautiful bare legs and hear the clack of her high 4 1/2 inch heel your hand hand will surely find the right place as she brings on your loving passion. that intense feeling known only to men who are lovers of ladies shoes.

set 1145  Penny

21st December

76 images

Having a ladies shoe fetish gives intense pleasure to a man in the most unlikely of circumstances. Every man who has a sexual affection for ladies shoes will think of many times when looking at a lady's shoes has done it for him. Penny, seen here on her lunch break always does it for men because all of her shoes are like this pair, beautiful looking, with very high heels.

Video No A 556

15th December

7m 09s

Laura is uniquely stimulating and pleasurable for men who have a ladies shoe fetish. In this video, filmed nearly a decade ago, she speaks in her charming eastern European accent about her love for high heels. Just  looking at her legs, her hips in that short, tight skirt you too will see as you harden at her that she really does love heels, because in Lithuania she says, every pretty lady wears heels all the time - so much tottering - lovely

Video No 1233 Sonia

13th December

7m 29s

Leaving her office early, high heeled Sonia stops briefly to check her bag. Walking slowly away, the clack of her high stiletto is amplified by the many tall buildings and brick walls nearby, causing all men to turn and look at her. As they do so many know by their own personal reaction to her shoes, that they have a ladies shoe fetish. Their lust is hardening all the time as they look helplessly at her gorgeous heels.

set 1144  Magdalena

9th December

68 images

Men who have a fetish for ladies shoes find that they are most attracted to the ladies who wear high heels all the time and not just for occasions. These ladies like Magdalena have many pairs of high heel shoes that turn men on. The sheer pleasure of seeing the lovely stiletto lady raises the man's hormones, giving him an uplift every time.

Video No 1232 Sara

7th December

5m 58s

A most satisfying session with Sara in which she lovingly arouses and stimulates your ladies shoe fetish. There are always those times when your life becomes a denial, when you try to pretend that you are not affected by ladies heels. But then all it takes is for a lovely high heeled lady like Sara to come near you to make you hard with desire as you go rigid at her shoes, rock hard  in the sight, the sound and sensation of her lovely thin stiletto

set 1143  Sara

3rd December

79 images

Sara has always been popular at this site. She is not a professional model but she always wears high heels and this plus her natural beauty turns men on. If you have a ladies shoe fetish you will be getting an uplift as you look at the narrow pointed cleavage of her shoes. You will also be thinking about her lovely high heel which puts her foot into such a steep slope into her pointed shoes.

Video No 1231 Maria

30th November

7m 57s

When you have a ladies shoe fetish you can't stop yourself form getting  feelings when you see a nice lady in high heels. Especially those ladies who wear high heels often and in the daytimes, not just in the evening. You feel as if they are wearing high heels just to turn you on and you know how quickly it turns you on ever6y time. Here Maria invites you to express your shoe fetish at her heels loving every  gorgeous inch of them.

set 1142  Jenna

23rd November

75 images

The ladies at this site give stimulation and temptation to men whose sexuality is affected by the sight of ladies sexy high heel shoes. Every week our members see different ladies wearing titillating and sexually tempting shoes. Their ladies shoe fetish raises their testosterone, making their feelings more personal. Join today and worship our lovely Jenna in her gorgeous thin heels.

Video No 1230 Sophia

18th November

7m 12s

If you have a ladies shoe fetish then every time you find yourself looking erotically at a pair of high heels you are feeding that fetish. As you will see from looking at the images on this page all of our ladies are attractive and they love wearing high heels. In our many picture galleries you admire the beauty of the lady as you worship her shoes. In our video section you listen to the clack of her stiletto, accompanied by the swish of her nylons. 

set 1141  Larissa

17th November

74 images

If you feel that your ladies shoe fetish needs livening up then all you need to do is join the ladies at this site and you will get to know them and their lovely sexy stimulating shoes. In this set Larissa brings you close in many ways, as you lovingly appreciate not just her beautiful shoes but her gorgeous legs also, fulfilling and satisfying your fetish

Video No 1229 Jocelyn

11th November

7m 01s

A man with a ladies shoe fetish feels it every time he sees a lady in a pair of gorgeous sexy high heel shoes. He is affected not only by the lady but by the beauty of her shoe, which affects him both emotionally and sexually. Here Sharon's shoes have that gorgeous 5 inch heel the sight of which does it for so many men, bringing them into their instant shoegasm.

set 1140  Keri

9th November

60 images

In her short skirt and very high 4 1/2 inch heel shoes Keri has all of that modern girl about town look that men love to see. Yet so often when a man sees a girl like this is seen the man is not able to look at her shoes for long enough without her noticing what he is doing. So enjoy the feeling with Keri and her leggy friends at this site who will always give you what you need to satisfy your ladies shoe fetish

Video No 1228 Alison

3rd November

7m 23s

Alison's high heel shoes are so sexual, so stimulating that even the plant stands rigid, firm in it's phallic appreciation. Maybe this is what happens to you as you look constantly at the many high heeled women on this site. In the video you get to know Alison once again and staying close to her heels it's only a matter of time before it rises, rigid in loving appreciation of her beautiful shoes

set 1139  Lauryn

31st October

79 images

In your ladies shoe fetish you look at a nice girl and your eyes are drawn down to her heels which are very high of course. And you look and keep looking because her high heel shoes are doing things for you aren't they ? And as you look at them you hope that she won't notice because that would embarrass you but you can't help it because you have a fetish for ladies shoes

Video No 1227 Iona with Naomi

26th October

7m 11s

A man who has a ladies shoe fetish needs to see women in very dainty, feminine looking shoes with  high heels. In some men the fetish is so rampant that they are turned on by women in low or mid heels. At this site however all our beautiful ladies wear high heels constantly and this stimulates the thoughts, the mind and senses of all men who know how to appreciate a ladies lovely shoe sexually.

set 1138  Iona

24th October

82 images

Iona's high heel shoes are beautiful, so beautiful on her feet that men look and keep looking because they get that feeling, the feeling that draws them and makes them want to possess her shoes. Maybe it's the high 5 inch heel or the low cleavage cut pointed fronts. Perhaps it's the slope or maybe it's just the beautiful sexually tempting look  but whatever it is, it's fetish and it affects you so join and enjoy the feeling

Video No 1226 Miranda

18th October

5m 58s

If you are a man with  a ladies shoe fetish her high heel shoes are the most sexually arousing item in a lady's wardrobe. You love the high heeled look and it makes you worship and adore her shoe live a lover. Then there is the tap, the sound of her high  heel which is so highly erotic to you. Here, Miranda admires the view while you admire her shoes, lovingly listening to the sound, of course. 

set 1137  Jenny

13th October

79 images

Jenny loves wearing high heels. Recently while out shopping a man came up to her and nervously asked her for her shoes. They looked so lovely on her feet that she couldn't bear to part with them. She was very nice to him but she had to say no. He pleaded with her but she knew that this  was because he  had a rampant ladies shoe fetish which had been highly aroused by her shoes.

Video No 1225 Cristina

12th October

7m 57s

This is how all men want a lovely lady to dress. The little black dress matched with gorgeous high heel shoes. If you have a ladies shoe fetish however you will be looking at the style of her shoes and the pointed style and the height of her heels will do things for you. In this video you take a good look at her and then walking with her, your fetish becomes fully aroused. Finally admiring her shoes closely your adoration is brought to completion.

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